Kevin Ausman


Hi and thanks for coming by and reading my bile sometimes it’s hard to talk about yourself but I would like to give you some insight on why I have created this particular website

Back in 2013 after a divorce, I took up the amazing hobby of scuba diving after a year of intensive training I moved forward to work toward becoming an instructor. I loved the sport of scuba diving so much that I continued my training even after I archived my PADI Open water Instructor.

I went on to become an instructor with SSI, PADI as well as the HSA (Handicap Scuba Association). I took my first trip to the Philippines in 2017 at which time I fell in love with the country as well as the people.

Gaining information however about particular dive centers was next to Impossible there was little to no information whatsoever available on the internet at the time and even if you called you couldn’t get in touch with anybody that seemed to know.

So after my first trip, I made the decision to work toward providing a website that would give divers across the world information in regards to the different and various dive centers.

I found however that after the second or third trip that there are many services that fell under the same category. These amazing restaurants, resorts, and awesome dive centers all had no web presence. So this website has been designed to try to give some of those industries and people a place to list their business.

We are working toward in the future being able to host and provide many free services for some of these amazing businesses. At the present time, I intend to move back and forth between Canada and the Philippines as I have a common interest in the Philippines.

I want to work toward maybe in the future managing a dive center in the Philippines. I will continue to work toward opening up access to web services and internet services through my affiliate in the Philippines in the city of Cebu.